the ramdon best friend

best friends are the greatest gifts from God. the one you know you can count at every second of your life. the one who accepts you for who are. the one that feels your excitement when you fall in love with someone. the one who tells you off because they just want the best for you. the one who hears your complains and never complain bout them.

the one you have sleepover with and chat till wee hours in the morning. the one who stalks facebook and msn with you. the one who has your password to your email account. the one who knows your house address. the one who shares your clothes. the one whos seen you in your undergarments. the one who will end up in your changing room just because other rooms are unavailable. the one who heard all your farts and snores. the one who shares her favourite teddy with you.

the one who will listen to cry for hours over the phone. the one who doesn’t judge you. the one who encourages you when the world seems to fall apart. the one who gives you that extra strength u need.the one who tells you that boy is not worth your tears. the one who snaps at you because of your stubborness to continue loving the wrong guy. the one who the one who takes you out shopping to destress the your depression. the one who picks up your call when the boss is around just to keep you company and not cry. the one who gives you a hug to let you know you’re loved. the one who makes you laugh when you’re sad.

the one who goes to your fridge and find food. the one who leaves her clothes at your house just in case an emergency sleepover. the one who has her toothbrush at you house. the one who shares her food with you when you’re broke. the one whose should you’ll sleep on in the bus. the one who shares bankie with you but you end up stealing them for yourself.the one who loves you more than you love yourself.

i love you.  



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the random octopus babies

the october babies. eh all girls..shu yi’s the only dude. the roses among the thorn perhaps?

thanks boon for the cake and organizing it

” happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…. happy birthday to you! “

the leng luis. shu yi’s one lucky fella. see how wide is his smile ><

just before boon smashed the cake on my face

everyone say cheezeeee!!

this is what i do when im bored


the long overdue post bout my 22nd birthday celebration, 23rd for the rest. peay was busy studying for her CPA exams. dear we have our own birthday celebration k. thanks for calling me out for movie and also celebrating my birthday and making it special though i only knew most of guys this year.  

thank u mummy and daddy for the dinner and necklace which ive been wanting from you all for such a long time. i love it. thanks cheryl, ashley and lee hua for the overseas call. i love n miss u guys to bits. thanks peay for the sexy present. should i seduce u? thanks in advance for a present that is on the way. thanks to my for taking me to Jogoya for dinner. it was a night worth remembering.

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the random surprised lunch date

it started with the sms.

date : hey i just woke up le :-S (12.55pm)

me : haha. its ok. i know ul be tired. il eat in. (12.56pm)

date : but i dunno why i woke up in front of your office >< (12.59pm)

OMG! *happy, excited, smiling like crazy,faster run down from office* its been such a long time since you came to find me for lunch other than fridays. i really missed having lunches with you. today was a surprise. i know you tired to surprise me on my birthday but i called you way too many times till it annoyed you and aiks no surpirse for me. spoiler rach. it’s so nice to eat out of office. went to ming tien at taman mayang cause you wanted to eat your cheese bake rice but so unlucky, the stall’s closed today. settled for wan ton mee in the end cause i dunno what else to eat. talk and talk and talk. see im so happy till i can’t stop talking.

simple daily stuffs for me to treasure and apprciate.  

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the random 5 must bring items

1. my hairdryer. those who know me will know i can never live and leave my house without my hairdryer. forget clothes and toothbrush, i need my hairdyer to blow and style my hair. shy la i say this but i need my hair to be leng-leng cause im so vain that i want my hair to look nice in every picture.

2. my hair brush. got hairdryer no brush where can. must go hand-in-hand with my hairdryer. now you know im vain.

3. my handphone. i used to be able to go without handphone for weeks but erm not now anymore.

4. my ipod. very handy for listening to songs and playing games when im bored.

5. my mr. red piggy. i need to hug something when i sleep. if not i cant have my beauty sleep. most of the trips ive been, my piggy was there for me to cuddle and snuggle. oh i love u so much mr.piggy.

( mr. red piggy didnt come along with me this time while updating this post ) 

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the random of a new blog

i think my blog needs a  kickstart to write something new instead of writting bout all things emo.  

lets start with a post beginning with me.

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The colourful world

you painted that colourful world of mine. times when i get dark n gloomy, im sorry. i drove myself crazy. indeed you’ve made it a better place for me. changed me from the wreck i was, made me a better person. no doubt you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. all things just fade away while i’m with you. i wish i could hold you tight, be right by your side and love you with all my might. i love you.

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I just need you

Worried I was falling in love with you, the signs were just too obvious to neglect. Not knowing you for too long, I dare not face reality. That night you sent me a song and I replied with another song just to test your reactions. You asked if that song reminds me of someone else. I lied. I was thinking about you.

I still feel the same way everytime I hear that song over the radio. I would think of the times we shared. Just being beside you brings out so much joy n happiness. I love you.

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