The random surprise

Surprise!! *screams & hugs & screams again*

OMG!! AHH!!! (rach super duper loud scream). I’m oh-so-happy!!

Backtrack to convos with my mum as she was part of the secret mission.

Summary of Convo 1 (in my messy room):

Mum made me clean my MESSY room cz apparently she had outstation guest I didn’t know and they wanted to use my room. I pestered her to tell me which country/state the guest came from and mum told me Seremban. Thinking of only 1 family I know form there, I brush off any other thoughts.

Summary of Convo 2 (while I was working, mum called my office) :

Rach, come home by 9pm ok. Don’t go Pasar Malam with your colleagues tonight after your badminton game k. The guest SPECIFICALLY REQUEST to see you. sighzz. siening. I remember after the convo I was complaining like crazy. Who on earth wants to see me so badly till my mum has to call my office and remind me to be home? Urgh.

Summary of Convo 3 (at 10pm that night) :

Mum, I don’t think the guest will be coming la. So late d. 10pm liao. Who comes at this hour? Mum replied, if they don’t come they will call. WTH la..

And I tiredly and sulky went to the kitchen to wash the stack of dishes my parents left for me to clean. While cleaning half way…. Mum came in and said the guest have arrive and push me out. What?! I saw 2 shadow figures walking towards me. OMG!! AHHH!! SURPRISE!!!

Btw I couldn’t sleep that night as I was smiling like an idiot pig. I love you.. Muacks


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