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The Mr. First Love

2 post in a day while working can only mean one thing. Its so freaking boring when everyone else is on leave.

Half cadding while blog hopping. I stumbled upon mr. first love blog with gf.

He proposed to her and the most romantic way. Boy why am I not surprised.


Memories (not in any specific order)

Mr. First Love was my first love as far as my memory can remember. Don’t count those puppy love during kindergarten yeah. He stole my heart when I was 15. Though I would say now I got conned into it.

He would come over to my house and we would chat for hours at the back gate. Those days mum strongly oppose any male friends entering the house when I’m alone. I sneakily went out through the back gate instead.

He would write poem for me and for a nut case like me, can never write any poems back. Endless of poems and a sonnet for my birthday which I’m keeping them all in the Mr.FL box. (Minus 1 point)

He would hand me his notes for me to study. Well he’s a straight A student while I’m a straight B student. See the difference between us. There’s more to come.. (Minus 1 point)

He would take me to eat cakes as I love love cake. Cakes are considered my 2nd best friend. Blueberry cheesecake.. Oh my heaven.. Those days Secret Recipe was the cake shop we could afford.Come to think of it, we prob tired so many cakes till I forgot how it takes like. Haha. (Plus 1 point -we both love cakes)

He was such a sweet talker that my mum adored him. I refer him now as your will-never-be-son-in-law. They share the same interest in literature and books. Well I’m not a fan of literature. I’ve not read Oscar Wilde books or McBeth or Romeo & Juliet or Tale of two Cities. As you can see I prefer reading lighter books that requires less thinking..(Minus 1 point)

He would make bookmarks and mini cards for me as an encouragement. (Plus 1 point – if I’m free that is, I’ll make them)

He would travel an hour just to see me for 15-20 mins in school before my mum arrive to pick me up. I decided to go to KL Kasturi tuition to have 15-20 mins time dating him.

He would save my chinese name as his hp wallpaper. I have no idea how he managed to draw it with my old hp. (Minus 1 point)

He would ask me for my chinese name character and being labeled a banana, I had difficulty describing it to him. For example, Yi, I would describe it as you know the letter T and X with a ‘ on top. The entire convo was over the phone. It could have been easier if I wrote it out for you.

He would come over to my church just to see me dance. Boy I was shy when he was staring at me. He is multi-talented. Self taught keyboardist, plays the drum, guitar and can sing quite well. I’m not musically inclined. (Minus 1 point)

He wrote me a song which is half done as we broke up before he could finish it.

Well in the end, we were not compatible for each other.

Thanks to him, my expectation on guys are quite high and I’m super demanding thanks to all the lovey-dovey stuffs he would do or give. I’m a sucker for sweet talker guys.

If you’re reading this, I know I compared you both together and it hurt you. Honestly I’m glad the way we are right now. I’d be foolish to ruin something we both treasure much. The memories with you I will cherish forever and it would be chapters instead of a blog entry.


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The random surprise

Surprise!! *screams & hugs & screams again*

OMG!! AHH!!! (rach super duper loud scream). I’m oh-so-happy!!

Backtrack to convos with my mum as she was part of the secret mission.

Summary of Convo 1 (in my messy room):

Mum made me clean my MESSY room cz apparently she had outstation guest I didn’t know and they wanted to use my room. I pestered her to tell me which country/state the guest came from and mum told me Seremban. Thinking of only 1 family I know form there, I brush off any other thoughts.

Summary of Convo 2 (while I was working, mum called my office) :

Rach, come home by 9pm ok. Don’t go Pasar Malam with your colleagues tonight after your badminton game k. The guest SPECIFICALLY REQUEST to see you. sighzz. siening. I remember after the convo I was complaining like crazy. Who on earth wants to see me so badly till my mum has to call my office and remind me to be home? Urgh.

Summary of Convo 3 (at 10pm that night) :

Mum, I don’t think the guest will be coming la. So late d. 10pm liao. Who comes at this hour? Mum replied, if they don’t come they will call. WTH la..

And I tiredly and sulky went to the kitchen to wash the stack of dishes my parents left for me to clean. While cleaning half way…. Mum came in and said the guest have arrive and push me out. What?! I saw 2 shadow figures walking towards me. OMG!! AHHH!! SURPRISE!!!

Btw I couldn’t sleep that night as I was smiling like an idiot pig. I love you.. Muacks

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