Prayer & Fasting

Be Agents of Change – 40 days prayer & fasting.

I’ve decided to make a commitment to fast on Fridays and while I’m ber-puasa-ing with the malays in my office, I might as well blog about it.

Brothers, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will turn this responsibility over them. (Acts 6:3)

As I reflecting upon this verse, a thought come to me. I really sing dangerous song, Send Me by Planet Shakers. Asking God to send me and proclaim His words, have I ever done any of those? The thought of sending me to some ulu land and spread the word of God.. Hmm I don’t think I have that courage now. Have I been playing a role as a Malaysian for our country? I’ll admit this, I’ve been procrastinating to register myself as a voter. Well I don’t really bother much bout the political affairs as there’s so injustice and unfairness in our country so why bother voting right. The end result will be the same. But it got me thinking, if I don’t stand up and who else would if we all had the same mindset like me. I admit I never read much of Nation news as it never caught my interest. Politics.. Sien.. I kill you, you kill me. Go on trials but never get into jail. Case closed. End of story. How many times have I read cases like this and gave up praying for the better of our nation? Self note : to trust God in prayer that He alone can change things.

A lil prayer items for today : register myself as a voter and for the many other who have not registered and to vote wisely. a fair & clean election. Malaysians abroad to be able to vote. more volunteers to be observers and counting agents.

send me i will go
send me i will
to this city, to this nation
and to the nations of the world

send me i will go
send me i will go
i will proclaim the truth
that Jesus Christ is Lord


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