why I can never finish

Why I can never finish reading story books within this one an a half years. One main reason, the books are too emo for me to handle. Here’s a list of books that I’ve tried to read but failed to finish.

Dear John

Half way through soaking my pillow with tears, I finally gave up reading. It reminds me so much of myself. I can’t handle long distance relationship as I am quite bermanja by nature and I need to see my mr.boy. Skip skip the emo part, I flipped to the last chapter. Deep down in her heart, she still loved him very much but the distance seperated them.. Hmm hmm.. Sounds familiar.

Norwegian Wood

The end of chapter one, she never really loved me. Ahh!! I cant take this anymore. This book was written from a guy’s perspective and as what JH said maybe it’s not that bad after all. I’ll give it another one more shot after… when the time is right.

The Last Song

Thanks For the Memories

These books are lying in my cupboard and I’ve never read a single chapter of them.


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