what’s keeping me buzzing


I don’t really mind checking other’s work but it’s hell annoying and frustrating when you find a mistake and you tell them to amend, but when you receive the file, something else is missing and only one part is changed.

Seriously?! How hard can it be to double check your work before sending it for me to comment? I’m not so free to check one by one of your work you know.I have 3 types to check and I’m half way though one.

Urgh! This is really testing my patience.

No need to sleep for the next few days d la.. Aiseh betul..


All the complains aside, I’ve learned to deal with freelance people, what’s important in drawings, being detailed which I’m so not a detailed person, being firm when I can’t say yes and no properly.

That’s the challenge and also the good part. I’m growing bit by bit. I hope someday you can tell me how proud you are of me and how much I’ve matured.


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