what have I been up to

Why don’t you ever update your blog anymore? 

Hmm well you see I mainly blog my feelings towards a certain person and erm  it brings back unwanted memories.

Well leave the past behind and move on. Occasionally I read your blog so it would be nice if you could upload it.  

Since I’ve been MIA-ing for some the last 6 months, here’s a glimpse of it.

Jan – A month for farewells. I left the old architecture firm in KJ to Tmn Desa. Some personal farewells which brings both happy and sad memories.

Feb – A month for celebrations. CNY this year I visited Andrew’s home town in Ipoh. I  feel deeply in love with the kampung setting as my only kampung is in KL.  A new start in my career path which I find very challenging.

March – A month of struggles. Uncountable expectations to meet. Trying to adjust to the working environment. Trying to remember the dance steps for Easter Musical. My head is going crazy. Gala Dinner

April – A month of anticipation. The nerve wrecking solo dance for Easter Musical.

May – A month of healing. YF Planning retreat. Personal healing. Getting used to the working environment and responsibility for my projects.

June – A month of excitement. Family Camp. Jun Hao is back!! Movies after movies back to back. X-men, Kung-Fu, Super8.

Glimpse of the past


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