the random musical

A few interesting things happened last sunday. Let’s start with the planed events. RP2 leavers camp 05 is having another reunion. Its really amazaing after 5 years we’re still keeping in touch with one another. Emily was goin for a play, Follow the Light and a few of us decided to join her at the last minute. Japtheth, Mei Yee, Sarah, Anna, Daniel, Pris and myself.

Sometimes I’d rather not know about the play/musical/movie than to know beforehand. I prefer the story to slowly unfold its magic for me than having expectations and feeling dissappointed after that. The play was about the ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’, the birth of Jesus Christ.  There was a lil twist here and there but the storyline still remained. I kept thinking, it would have been great if the rest of my church would be able to watch this play. It was entertaining, light, funny and touches issues that we are facing in society today. Shyly I must admit Joseph (Aaron Khaled) is erm hot.  

Another unexpected thing happen, my BM tuition friend since Form3,4&5 is in the list of musicians for the play. He was playing the electric guitar. The play had live band to accompany the singers. The great thing was he remembered me. We did some catching up and its just great to meet old friends.

After the play, we met up with the rest of the gang in Old Town Kopitiam. We did alot of catching up with each other and it feels great that we are able to openly share our lives and views with friends that just meet up once or twice every year. Headed over to Overseas Restaurant for dinner and later KTZ for dessert. All  I can say is we have such great friendship.

Now for the unplanned even. Lunch at Levain with San, Joey and Peay. The environment reminds me of English style cafe. Outdoor sitting, plants, english style talble and chairs and deco, interior and exterior setting, design, food, just reminds me of being transported back to Melbourne =). The food was heavenly. Pastries, cakes, buns, macaroons… yummy. The best way to end the meal is with a cup of coffee. Sinful indulgence. (pics are tagged on my fb). Tips guys if you wanna bring your girl to pak tor or surprise blind fold her, this is one place you should bring her.

What a great sunday.


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